Read Before Subscribing to Our Site!!

After years of maintaining this site privately to a few selected members, we decided to open registration to the public as a free service. Boy was that a mistake! We are now closing it while we clean up the site due to nconsiderate marketers that are signing up clearly for the wrong reasons. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU TO SELL YOUR VIAGRA OR BREAST ENLARGEMENT PILLS!!
In the last week I have spent a crazy amount of time deleting accounts and blogs to restore the Site integrity. If you are here for the right reasons, I would like to provide you with a platform as an advocate or an educator, or someone who cares about social issues, Otherwise, I would read the Iron Clad "Terms of Use" located at the bottom of the site before attempting to market products that we have not approved. If your account was cancelled because of these idiots, I do apologize and would like to provide you with a free membership to the site, provided you are here with good intentions. Please know we reserve the right to delete any accounts at any time if we feel the Site's integrity is being jeopardized. We are doing this for the protection of the Site's members. Please help us to maintain a comfortable environment by reporting these behaviors so that others can enjoy their readings without pop-up windows and mass marketers ruining their experience. Over to the left is a link entitled "Website Contact"; this link is for reporting any behaviors that are non-compliant with our Site's "Terms of Use" and/or "Private Policy". I want this to be a place you will come back to. All subscriptions will be manually approved from here on out so please be patient. After approval, if your intentions are seen as ill-willed, your account may be terminated immediately and the IP address will be recorded and blocked. We thought it would be a great idea to allow others an opportunity to have a voice on our site, but we found it is just not that simple. Again, we do apologize if you got caught in the cross-fire. Have a wonderful evening or morning...where ever you may be:) -Whitney Rudkin and the PASSskills Team