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Be a Voice for a Victim of Human Trafficking

Many students have been emailing me over the summer about getting involved in bringing awareness to the issues of human trafficking in our state. Well if you are interested, let's DO IT!! Erin Login, the Director of Student Life, at OCCC, introduced me to two students who shared their experiences outside the U.S. as an advocate. You are going to want to hear their testimonies. If you are serious about this then email me ASAP! I will forward your email address to Erin Logan. If you have any ideas on using social media to get the word out let us know.

technology problem

In the last few decades million of workers have lost their jobs as plants have closed and companies have moved in search of cheaper labor or as workers have been replaced by robots or other form of automation. As technology advances the more problems we are starting to have because technology is taking our jobs we are not fighting with humans anymore now we are fighting we robots for our jobs. Yes they might be good for some time and cheaper on the long run but they always will need humans to run them( I hope so ).

global warning

Why are we letting this happens as a society? The burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of the tropical forests contribute to the greenhouse effect the greenhouse effect occurs when harmful gases like carbon dioxide are use, all products of diverse human activities accumulate in the atmosphere and act like the glass roof of a green house which is making the world hotter by the day. Sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface and the gases trap the heat radiating from the ground.

Obama on student loans

This article starts off by talking about Obama telling Texas high school juniors and seniors about student loans and the advantages and disadvantages. The article then goes on to talk about not only Obama's view on student loans, but the fact that he is trying to get congress to keep them at the lower rate of 3.4 percent for at least one more year to buy some more time for students before the rate is pushed back up to 6.8 percent which the loan normally was before it was lowered a few years back.

Cyber Bullying

There is still bullying going on in and around schools today, but a new way of bullying is cyber bullying. In my opinion I believe that cyber bullying is a growing epidemic. I believe that this new way is hurting young children on an epic scale and it is so hard to stop this type of crime because it is so easy to do and to get away with. I believe when these people get caught or if they get caught, they should be suspended from any type of a cyber-media source indefinitely. I know it’s a little harsh, but words are very powerful and are especially powerful to little children.

Capital Punishment

There are many opposing views when it comes to capital punishment. Capital punishment is where the justice system takes the convicted criminal and put the criminal to death by the means for the good of the society. However, many people in society finds this very disturbing because criminals are people and no one deserves to die. On the other hand I believe this is a good tool under certain circumstances.

Unattended Children

A state law has made it illegal to leave a child in a car. I disagree with this. I leave my son in the car for a max of ten minutes because I find it unnecessary to drag him, escort him in, and listen to endless pleading, and frequent runaways, especially when I only need one thing. I understand people who leave their kids in the car for hours at a time, of course you need laws for that, especially now in the summer.

Oh no! here we go again

JP Morgan Chase just got the credit rating downgraded by Fitch Ratings a major credit rating agency 24hours after they lost billions of dollars due to poor managment and risky desicions. Didn't this happen a couple of years back and we had to bail these guys out in order to save the economy? I don't know about you but I really really hate to see tax money wasted in this kind of thing when we should be investing in I don't know education, healthcare even our military.


Global population has been one of the biggest problems in the last few years, but it only will get worse before it gets better. The number of people on this plant constitutes both a major problem and potential future calamity. Now days the more poor you are the more kids you are alike to have, the most significant 99% of the current population growth occurs in the lees developed nations where poverty, hunger, and infections disease are already rampant. I guess, what I’m trying to say is don’t have kids until you are ready financially, well educated and have found the right person.


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